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About us

Welcome to the St Gallen Financial Economics Review!

The Review is entirely written by a team of Economics and Business Administration students of the University of St.Gallen (HSG). It focuses on topical articles and provides new insights into important issues in all areas of financial economics. Examples include asset pricing, banking, debt and equity capital markets, central banking, international trade, political economy, corporate finance, industry analysis, mergers & acquisitions, and private equity.  We seek global authorship and varied perspectives.  


What brings us closer to our readers is a shared passion and genuine interest in the financial world.  We offer students a platform to share their ideas about the global economy. Our goal in launching this organization is to empower individuals, especially those with limited exposure to the industry, and ultimately, improve their commercial awareness and critical-thinking skills.

Whilst we encourage everyone with a passion for writing about financial economics to get involved, we only post articles of the highest quality. We ensure this through a peer-review system and with the support of our Advisory Board. With access to facilities on campus, funding, and further support, we believe the Review will thrive.

As our target audience is mainly students and working professionals, we are very active on social media – with our key outlet being LinkedIn.

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