Alessandro Pedrazzini, Co-Founder, Head of Global Markets 

Alessandro is the Head of the Global Markets division and is currently a second-year student enrolled in the BA Economics. He has gained exposure to both the technological and the financial sectors through experiences at Procter and Gamble HQ as a Data Science Intern , UBS London's Spring Internship, and long-only hedge fund Alatus Capital as a summer analyst. Alessandro also pursued an exchange programme at Wharton and is expected to pursue a summer internship at J.P. Morgan's Investment Banking London office in the summer of 22'. Fluent in four languages and having studied both abroad and domestically, he has been involved in competitive sport for a large part of his life and is energized by teamwork and research. He enjoys the fast-paced, dynamic nature of financial markets and considers his time at SGFER as an opportunity to share his views about current market developments with readers but also to learn from his fellow editors.