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Join the Team and come work with us! We are always hiring and looking for interested students of all levels (assessment to PhD) and majors.


Pretend that you are writing a short article for the SGFER division that you have chosen. Please upload it down below. (min. 200 words)

Upload your CV and article here.

Thank you for your interest!

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Editor role description: 

The Editors come up with the ideas for an article and executing it.

Junior Editors will receive support from Senior Editors in addition to a peer-review process.
As an Editor you get access to internal guideline documents, proprietary data platforms, and other recommended sources, which help you writing the articles. 

The minimum required workload is one article per semester, which typically takes 20 to 40 hours of work. The workload, however, can be spread out flexibly over several weeks or months.

After your first article you can co-author with other Editors of SGFER or from our selected partnership clubs at other top Universities.


Writing an article takes a lot of research on companies, industries and markets, financial products, but can help you build industry specific knowledge, build your own portfolio and find your place in financial markets!

In addition, you get access to our amazing community through internal club-wide and divisional get-togethers!
(See "Events" tab)

Application procedure:Ap

Choose any topic or company that you are interested in!
The mock article is there to show and further explore a specific interest you have and will upon a successful application be spun into your first article that we'll publish in our Review.

 We have 2 main criteria for reviewing articles: 
1) originality and how welll you present your opinion on the topic.
2) Structure and conciseness (Some divisions follow a structure with specific sections. Try to adopt some of them)

If any problems or questions arise during the application process feel free to contact us at:

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