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  • Alessandra Vollmer

Alternatives to ESG

Alessandra Vollmer - February 24, 2021

With the 13th of the UN Sustainable Development Goals aiming to take urgent action to combat climate change, many countries turned their attention to the reduction of emission to achieve net- zero by 2025. As a result, investments in low-carbon solutions are increasingly gaining importance and it poses the question of the role of the financial industry in the sustainability debate. Sustainable finance is a current buzzword in the financial sector, but extensive regulations and the effective coordination of initiatives are still missing to this day. The financial industry plays a powerful role in the possibility to transform economies and societies in a sustainable way when valuable tools are applied and used. By allocating capital, lending, investing and finding optimal insurance solutions, it can not only aid in the positive development of low-carbon solutions but more generally the financial sector can have an essential impact in the environmental-, social-, and governance sectors.

Alternatives to ESG
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