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  • Federico Gabriel Mej ́ıa Enriquez

NVIDIA to acquire global leader in technology licensing Arm Ltd. for $40 billion

NVIDIA has had a great stock performance in recent times.The rise of 103% in just the last six months has put them into the best-performing stocks in the S&P500 on a year to day basis.

Its visionary leader Jen-Hsun Huang has managed to convince SoftBank's Masayoshi Son to sell him the UK-based Semiconductor company Arm Ltd for $40 billion. This makes it the biggest M&A Deal ever to happen in the semiconductor industry according to Statista and could therefore lead to a shift of power in this market. The fact that NVIDIA already is the company with the most R&D spending in the tech sector, makes this technology-driven deal even more interesting as the goal of the transaction is to develop a stronger ecosystem built for the age of A.I.

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