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Each month our head of community organizes an input and discussion about a specific topic demanded by the member base. 
Past topics included: "The impact of Chat GPT on economic research", "the societal role of central banks", "Single stock allocation & portfolio theory"

In addition every 2-3 weeks each division holds divisional get-togethers discussing the hottest developments in either Macroeconomics, Global Markets or M&A!

On top of that, we also hold frequent informal meetings at our designated pub.

Interview prep & Industry insight sessions

With a solid history of successfully matching individuals with roles in diverse sectors of the finance industry, academia, and management, we help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the various facets of the economic and financial markets.

Our goal is to facilitate your navigation through these sectors and to help you identify and recruit for roles in areas that pique your interest, including traditional banking, economic research, academia, financial management, and more.

SGFER holds vast and relevant experience in sourcing talent for internships, summer analyst roles, full-time positions, and preparation for graduate studies. 

Our community serves as a valuable resource waiting to be leveraged by you!

Annual trips to visit our partner clubs all across Europe

Past Events

Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 01.14.32.png

SQUARE, Room 11-0111
Wednesday 29. March 2023
18:30h - ca. 21:30h
Language: English
Open for everyone

SGFER x Reatch: Inflation, Real Estate and Macroeconomic Outlook 2023 Panel Discussion

SGFER and Reatch, the Swiss think tank, are inviting you to a panel discussion about inflation and its nexus with the real estate sector. We will also discuss the macroeconomic outlook for 2023. Come by to learn about macroeconomics in academia and gain inspiring insights from the discussion.



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